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Ever since blogging has gained recognition on global platforms, people have turned their focus to the channels that provide them with authentic information instead of old trends like daily newspapers. At this website, we welcome bloggers and content writers who wish to share their ideas and reveal information about mobile products using their expertise and a special set of writing skills. If you are interested in delivering high-quality comprehensive content to us at Caantech, then we are more than willing to publish your work!

Why Write For Us At Caantech

How To Add Value To Your Content:

You can help create powerful content on your website by adding certain valuable elements to your article. We highly recommend our writers stick to a specific set of rules to produce the most unique and high-quality content. Some of these pointers include:

  1. SEO Optimization
  2. Intelligent use of Keywords
  3. Consistency and revision
  4. No repetition
  5. Creative writing
  6. Informative content
  7. Do your research beforehand

Guidelines To Write For Us + Apps

  • Article must contain at least 600 words.
  • In Email subject type write for us or guest posting when you mail us.
  • We accept topics related to Seo, Technology, Digital Marketing, Apk & Business .
  • The content must be error-free in terms of both grammatical as well as sentence structure.
  • Use keywords, headings, subheading, and bullets to make your content more concrete and noticeable.
  • Avoid stating unproven facts or quoting experience you have little information about.
  • Avoid repetition and unnecessary information in the article.
  • The article must be comprehensive and include every single detail about the product.
  • Make your article understandable by the readers as we have audiences that belong to different levels.
  • The information must be authentic and not doctored or made up in any way.
  • Since we have a large number of users submitting a guest post on our website all the time, we have put together a list of guidelines to help our potential writers understand what we necessarily want to be published at our website and what factors should be involved in it.
  • In case your guest post does not get approval for more than 5 days, wait it out for a couple more days as our editors are sometimes unable to review all the guest posts falling into our email box.
  • Your submitted article must not be a copy of any other published article.
  • Your submitted article must not be submitted elsewhere because we do not accept published content.
  • If your guest post for the submitted article gets approved by our editors, your article will be published at our site under 3-5 days.

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What happens after the apps guest post is approved?

Before publishing your content on our site, our special editors review your submitted article. Upon the need for improvement, the editors enhance and sometimes change the content as per their requirements. Once the review and editing are completed, your article is ready to be published on our website with your name on it.

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If you believe that your writing skills and knowledge about mobile products can benefit our website and drive attention to your content then you must take a chance and send your first guest post to our website to be reviewed and published. Send us your unique content at rankmef@gmail.com

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